Accessibility and suitability of museum space at heritage house in Agulo


Ayuntamiento de Agulo


Agulo, La Gomera



Agulo, a picturesque village nestled in a corner of the island of La Gomera, where a set of traditional Canary Island architecture homes remains along narrow cobblestone streets, evoking olden times and revealing its undeniable historical significance.

Within the historical context of the town, the imposing terraced fields take center stage, serving as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. This humanization of the landscape not only represents a traditional farming technique but also frames the history and identity of the place, constituting a unique snapshot in the world, a source of inspiration and study. The historic center seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape, where each terrace resembles a brushstroke on a natural canvas, creating a visual display of colors and textures that capture the essence of Agulo.

The scope of the intervention conforms to a local scale within the historic center of Agulo and is characterized by its low complexity. It strategically intervenes in key areas of the property to enhance accessibility without significantly altering the original structure. A standalone new construction volume is planned on the east facade, housing an elevator that connects the ground floor and the first floor, where the new interpretation center will be located.

The surroundings of the house will be repaved to create a new accessible pedestrian route, achieved through ramps located at the rear entrance, ensuring smooth and safe circulation while preserving the essence of the historic environment. Furthermore, this intervention aims to enhance and expand the outdoor visitable areas, including the original mural by the painter José Aguiar on the tank located near the entrance and the path leading to the accessible panoramic viewpoint for all visitors.

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