Competition for promotion of social housing in Granadilla de Abona





Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife, Spain


Social Housing

The proposal aims to balance the spatial quality of the common areas with the development of a social housing program. With the emergence of COVID‐19 and its resulting social repercussions, the scheme points out the urgent need to review the benefits and priorities of this type of public housing promotions.

It seems necessary to insert of terrace spaces as well as underlining the qualification of the common spaces, thus, increasing incidentally the possibilities of use, and improving the habitability of the residents. These aspects, as well as all the bedrooms facing outward aim for great spatial quality.

The design of the different typologies allows them to be modified without great devices, integrating daytime spaces, or reducing the program by the possibility of joining different rooms. Likewise, its interior design conditions will allow its adaptation to accessible housing or the possibility of regrouping the daytime spaces in the future. Otherwise, the dwellings facilitate cross ventilation, and are equipped appropriately with low maintenance protection elements against solar radiation.

All homes have their own terrace, as well as an optimal relationship between interior and exterior spaces. Likewise, access gates to the dwellings are projected so there can be a semi-private space prior the entrance, that, for instance, can allow strollers or bicycles to be parked.

The houses have terraces and lounges open to them. The interior bedrooms enjoy privacy, without right of way and they ventilate and illuminate towards the patio-garden. Which avoid the lack of dimension in main rooms and search for proportionality between all spaces. All projected dimensions meet or exceed minimums required by the habitability regulations, ensuring the proportionality of the different stays and their relationships.

As has been pointed out, the design of exterior spaces, patios, and entrances are a firm commitment to provide the building with a central area of extensive features. This single courtyard, the true heart of the project, provides a considerable spatial quality and is a great attraction for residents. The day-night differentiation occurs throughout the project. All bedrooms in the promotion overlook the exterior or the garden patio, of excellent qualities. All rooms face the outside and are equipped with a terrace. The layout of the garage, both on the road of access as in the required seats, responds to the regulations established in the fold and includes an adapted square.



21.03Renovation / Interior Architecture

19.12Hospitality / Renovation

21.12Rehabilitation / Landscape / Cultural

18.12Renovation / Residential

19.13Renovation / Interior Design / Office Space

22.07Renovation / Commercial

23.01Residential / Renovation

23.03Accessibility / Rehabilitation / Landscape / Heritage

20.08Rehabilitation / Public space / Landscape / Urban Planning / Heritage

22.19Public space / Cultural/ Urban Planning