Accessibility for museum space at heritage house in Agulo


Ayuntamiento de Agulo


Agulo, La Gomera


Accessibility / Rehabilitation / Landscape / Heritage

The object of study is a plot located in the historic center of Agulo, on the island of La Gomera. It is situated in the area called Las Casas, one of the three hamlets that make up the historic nucleus of the town, along with La Montañeta and El Charco.

The municipality boasts a significant number of agricultural terraces, known as "bancales," meticulously constructed over generations to make the most of every inch of cultivable land on the steep slopes of the mountains. These terraces reflect the traditional wisdom of the local inhabitants in optimizing the land to cultivate various products such as bananas, potatoes, vineyards, and tropical fruits.

The plot has a graphical area of 393 m², presenting an irregular shape and a virtually flat topography. Inside, there is a building, renovated some years ago, which was once the home of José Aguiar García, a recognized painter and prominent figure in the national artistic scene. With his brushes and color palettes, he brought countless masterpieces to life, including the renowned 'Friso Isleño,' capturing the essence of the landscape and everyday life of the people of Agulo.

Focused on adapting building spaces for a museum, the commission prioritizes actions promoting universal accessibility. Comprehensive work, including accessibility, adaptation, and maintenance, is planned, considering the property's historical value and level of heritage protection.

Ensuring universal access, interventions share the common goal of improving accessibility from the perimeter of the plot to the arrival at the building and the incorporation of an elevator to ensure access to the new exhibition space located on the first floor. This guarantees that all individuals, including those with reduced mobility, can fully enjoy the center.


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Site plan


Aguiar García, José. (1924). "Frutos de la tierra" [Oil on canvas]. Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Colección Real Academia Canaria de Bellas Artes de San Miguel Arcángel.

The proposal is based on respect for the heritage, treating the intervention as a dialogue between the existing elements and the new ones, with an attempt to give prominence to the historic building, relegating the accompanying constructions to a secondary role. The main objective is to address an existing issue by adapting to the context and creating a scenario that highlights the Casa del Pintor José Aguiar.

A low-impact landscaping intervention is proposed, driven by the need to repave the immediate open space around the building to ensure universal accessibility. A unique world heritage is valued, contributing to the conservation of the characteristic

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